Security Guards
There are many different types of Security guard and because of this we now the security guard companies listed to let people know what they specialise in and certain types of security work require a full Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence so now listings will be able to show that they are a member of the SIA.

General Security Work
Security stewards do a variety of jobs like event security, doorman security like pub/club bouncers, retail security officers who watch for thieves and ones who work on the doors of supermarkets etc.

Key Holding
This type of service usually means Alarm response like when an alarm goes off in a shop or house after hours a company security guard would go round to the premises and check for any indication of a break in.

Personal Security
This type of security guard would be most associated with a VIP or important person like the prime minister or wealthy individual.

Security Industry Authority
The SIA is an organisation that is responsible for regulating the private security industry. For more information about the SIA can be found on their website:

Looking for something specific like a Personal Bodyguard in London? or how about a Door Steward in London? We now ask our listings to provide us with more information which will help you find a security guard much more quickly even if it is for a Mobile Security Guard in Manchester!