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Welcome to the London Security Services listing for Security Services Finder.co.uk. If you are looking to find trained security services professionals in London, you’ve come to the right place! SecurityServicesFinder.co.uk includes listings for a range of security services in London, including security guard placements, night club bouncer placements, corporate security surveillance, personal protection services and more in London. Read what real clients have to say about London security services providers and find the right London security specialist for all of your security needs. If you are a provider of security services in London, submit your listing using the Get Listed link at the top.

Premium Listings:

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1 S C Guarding
1gs Services Ltd
247 Security And Services
A B C Guarding Ltd
A M G (London) Ltd
A M G (London) Ltd
A P Security Services
A1 Security
AA Guarding Ltd
AA Guarding Ltd
Abbot Data Store Ltd
Abbot Security Services (1977) Ltd
Abington Security
Able (UK) Security Services Ltd
Ace Security Services
Acro Security Engineers
Acro Security Engineers
Acro Security Engineers
Active Security Services (UK) Ltd
Adams Security Services
Adassa Security & Communication
Adonai Protection Services
Advanced Sweeping
Alamo Security Services Ltd
Albiz Security Ltd
Alert Security Guarding Services Ltd
Alex Security
Alexandra Locksmiths Ltd
Alight Security Ltd
Alpa Industries Ltd
Alpha Plus Security Ltd
Alpha Security Services (UK) Ltd
Amazon Guards
Amazon Guards
Ambika Security Ltd
Amg Security Services Ltd
Amity Security Services Ltd
Armor Group Services Ltd
Armour Security Services Ltd
Armour Security Services Ltd
Armstrong Security
Artist Security
Artist Security
Assist Security Ltd
Assist Security Ltd
Assist Security Ltd
Assured Professional Services Ltd
Aston Security
Aston Security Systems Ltd
Atlanta Security Services
Avant Garde Security Ltd
Avant Garde Security Ltd
Aventis Security Group
B & N Security Ltd
B S Security (UK) Ltd
Barrs Grilles & Gates Co
Barrs Grilles & Gates Co
Battalion Security
Battalion Security Company
BDI Securities (UK) Ltd
Beck Security (UK) Ltd
Bee Line Security Services
Bell Security Ltd
Bosh Security Ltd
Boss Security Services Ltd
Brigade Security Consultants Ltd
Brigade Security Consultants Ltd
Brinks Commercial Services Ltd
Britsec International
Brooknight Guarding Ltd
Brotherton & Sons
Bryco ACV
Byte Security Services
C M S (Keyholding)
C R S Systems Ltd
Capcon Argen Ltd
Capital Guards Ltd
Capital Keyholding Ltd
Celebrity Protection
Celebrity Protection in London One Staff Solution Ltd
Censor Security
Century Services
Chase St Helens Security
Chiswick Security
Choice Security Solutions
Chubb Emergency Response
Chubb Emergency Response
Chubb Emergency Response
Chubb Security Personnel Ltd
CIS (Security) Ltd
City Guards
City Guards Ltd
City Patrol & Response Ltd
City Security Services Ltd
City Security Services Ltd
Cityfield Security
Clarabelle Securities Ltd
Clarke Construction Security Ltd
Classic Security Services
Classic Security Services
Cobra Security Systems Ltd
Cobra Security Systems Ltd
Combinations Security Service
Confidential Communications Ltd
Construction Site Security
Contract Security Services Ltd
Controlled Installation Ltd
Corporate Information Group
Corps Of Commissionaires Management Ltd
Cosplan Security Services
Craft Security Services
Crime Prevention Guards
Crime Prevention Guards
Cromwell Security & Fire Services Ltd
Crown Protection Services
Crown Protection Services
Crusader Security Services Ltd
Customised Security
D D I Security Services & Systems
D M Security (London) Ltd
D. M. Security (London) Ltd
Dapps Security Services Ltd
Defence Systems Ltd
Defender Security
Delkot Security Services (London) Ltd
Delta Security
DHL Express
Diamond Security Services (UK) Ltd
Diamond Security Services (UK) Ltd
Diamondcrest Services
Do Something Dangerous UK
Docklands Digital Ltd
Dominion Shutters
Dragon Security Services (UK) Ltd
Drum Resources Ltd
E P Lock & Safe
Eagle Security Guarding
Eclipse Security Services Ltd
Elefire Ltd
Elite Guards Security
Elite Guards Security
Elite Protection
Elizabethan Security Ltd
Emergency Locksmiths
Enfield Security Services
Enigma Commercial Services
Euro Support Services Ltd
Eurobank Security Services Ltd
Eurocity Support
Euroguard Security Services Ltd
Eurotech Monitoring Services Ltd
Eurotech Monitoring Services Ltd
Eurotech Security Systems PLC
Eurotech Security Systems PLC
Executive Group (Security) Ltd
Exodus Security Services Ltd
Express Security Services
Fems Protection Services
First Control Ltd
First Global Security
First Global Security
First Security (Guards) Ltd
First Security (Guards) Ltd
Force 2 Secure UK Ltd
Force One Security Services
France Security
G D P S Services Ltd
Gallowglass Security
Gallowglass Security
Gardener Security
Global Protection London Ltd
Grant Security
Group 4 Total Security Ltd
GSM Security Ltd
GSM Security Ltd
GSM Security Ltd
GSM Security Ltd
Guaranteed Security Cover
Guaranteed Security Ltd
Guard Security Systems
Guardia Patrol Security
H & M Security Services
Hansard Security Services Ltd
Harris & Sandford Security Ltd
Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd
Hawkeye Security Ltd
Hi-Grade Security
High Profile Security Ltd
Hill Farm Securities PLC
HMA Consulting Ltd
Hobson & Associates UK & International Research Services Lt
Holland House Security
Home Security
Home Security
Horizon (Security Services) Ltd
I C T S (UK) Ltd
I T S Ltd
IBA International
Imperial Knights Ltd
Imperial Millenniums Guards (UK) Ltd
Incognito Security Ltd
Information Security Forum
Inner City Services Ltd
Insafehands Security Consultants Ltd
Integra Security Solutions
Investigative Data Mining Ltd
Isecc Resources Ltd
Israguard Security Ltd
Juggernaut Security Ltd
Key Matters Ltd
Knightsbridge Guarding
Knightsbridge Security Systems Ltd
Ladbroke Security Services Ltd
Lanza Security Services
Last Minute Security
Latins Security Ltd
Legion Security
Legion Security
Lexus Security Management Ltd
Licenced Door Supervisors
Logical Self Defence
London Internal Security Systems
London Keyholding Co Ltd
London Legal Services UK
London Security Ltd
London Security Services (UK) Ltd
London Site Security Ltd
London Wall Partnership
Lonsto Security Systems Ltd
Lynix Security Ltd
Meerkats Security Ltd
Mercantile Security Services Ltd
Mercantile Security Services Ltd
Meridian Security Guarding Ltd
Metro Guards
Metro Security Agency Ltd
Mighty Security Ltd
Ministry Protection Services Ltd
Montague Parr
Montague Parr
Mountview Developments
Music & Art Security Ltd
Nagar Securities
National Canine Security Ltd
NBS Security
Nexus Global
Nexus Security Systems
Nexus Security Systems Ltd
NHS Counter Fraud & Security Management Service
One Staff Solution Ltd - Private Detectives
One Stop Security Control Ltd
One Stop Security Services Ltd
Optim Contract Services Ltd
Optimum Safety Inc Ltd
Opus Protection Services Ltd
Outsource Services
Outsource Support Services Ltd
Pantherr Security
Pegasus Security Group Ltd
Personal Security Services
Personal Security Services
Personal Security Services
Philip Moore & Associates
Polyguard Security Services UK Ltd
Polyguard Security Services UK Ltd
Praetorian Security Guard
Premier Marketing & Distribution
Premier Security & Protection
Prime Service Ltd
Principal Protection Security Services (Uk) Ltd
Priority One Security Ltd
Privilege Security Services Limited
Proctor & Knight Services Ltd
Professional Security (UK)
Profile Security Services Ltd
Protech Securities (UK) Ltd
Quick Response CCTV Ltd
Rainbow Security Services Ltd
Red Circle Security Services Ltd
Red Mountain Security
Reliance Security Services Ltd
Reliance Security Services Ltd
Reliance Security Services Ltd
Reliance Security Services Ltd
Rentokil Initial Security
Rentrifone Ltd
Rentrifone Ltd
Resolution Security Ltd
Retainagroup Ltd
Rotherhithe Security
Royal Close Protection
S A Security
S I P Services International Ltd
S I P Services International Ltd
S P I Associates Ltd
S P I Associates Ltd
S S I Associates
S S I Associates
S2 Securities
S2G Ltd
Safe & Sure
Safe events Security
Saiflink Security Ltd
Samurai Security Ltd
Sanpet Bro
Saturn Security Ltd
Sector Security London Ltd
Secur A Safe
Secure & Safe
Secure Risks
Securiplus Guarding UK Ltd
Securitac Ltd
Securitas Guarding Services
Security Job Board
Security Red-Alert
Security3 Ltd
Securzone Security Ltd
Securzone Security Service (UK) Ltd
Shadow Solutions Ltd
Shafaff Ltd
Shepard Security
Showsec International Ltd
Silverline Security
Silverline Security
Skyguard Security Ltd
Skylight Security
Snowden Security (UK) Ltd
Solomon Security Services Ltd
Soundsec Security Ltd
Southern Court
Space Security Ltd
Specialist Services
St Michael
Staff Vetting
Stamford Holdings
Stamford Holdings
Standard Guards
Standard Guards Ltd
Standwatch Security
Station X
Stone House Security Guards London
Sun Jet Security
Superior Security Services (London) Ltd
Supreme Guard Securities
Supreme Guard Securities
T C Rose
TGR Resources Ltd
The Counter Spy Shop
The Event & Exhibition Partnership Ltd
The Keyholding Co
The Kirby Group
The Licenced Store Co Ltd
The Licenced Store Co Ltd
The Shield Guarding Co
Top Dog Security
Topbrass Security Services
Topbrass Security Services & Recruitment
Total Security Services
Tottenham Lock & Safe Co
TRI-MEX International
Trident Safeguards Ltd
Tringmain Security
TSS Security UK
Tyco Electronic Product Group
UBX Security Systems
UK Marketing Services
UK People Finder
UK Securities Ltd
Uniglobe Security
Uniguard Security Services Ltd
United Guardian Services Ltd
Universal Security
Vacant Property Security Ltd
Vanguard Security (UK) Ltd
Viper Security (UK) Ltd
Viper Security (UK) Ltd
Vision Protection
Wackenhut (UK) Ltd
West London Security
Western Security
Westminster Security Services Ltd
Widescope Security Services Ltd
Workforce Security

Latest Added
Blue Diamond Security Solutions Ltd

The Knoll Business Center


Offers: Television and Film Location Security Services, TV Studio Security and audience handling solutions, Talent Protection Officers, Cars and Chauffeurs, High Value Asset Protection and Tracking, Event Security personnel, Search Equipment Hire

Areas: We cover the whole of the UK and Europe and have worked on projects throughout the Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as throughout mainland Europe. We have partner security companies in the Netherlands that we work closely with throughout the ye

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