Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol services monitor the activity around your premises, whether it is your home or your business, at irregular times of the day. In this way, there is no way for any thieves to be able to determine exactly when the uniformed patrol will be on site. Patrols are stepped up during the night, on weekends or when you are away from home.

Mobile security personnel carry two-way radios so that they can contact the command center at any time. They report in once they are on site and to tell the center that everything is fine or if they notice any suspicious activity. The fact that the service is mobile means that the security is out and about and is ready to respond if an alarm sounds at your location. They can be on location within a matter of minutes.

If you have several homes or businesses, this may be a less expensive option for security rather than hiring security guards that stay onsite 24 hours a day.

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