Personal Security

You may be quite familiar with seeing personal security surrounding high profile people, such as the Queen and members of the Royal Family or movie stars. However, anyone can have this type of service if they need it. There are many companies that provide personal bodyguards who are well trained to protect their clients from terrorism, kidnapping, theft and vandalism to name but a few.

The close personal protection you receive will not hinder your activities, and it can be as visible or as invisible as you want it to be. The main thing is that you have peace of mind knowing that you and your family have personal protection.

Confidentiality and integrity are two of the trademarks of companies that provide personal security. You can be sure that these professionals will not reveal any information about you to others and you can trust them with your prized possessions, your children and your home.

The firms below are the latest security firms to be listed on our website that specialise in personal security, personal bodyguards, personal protection and lastly close personal protection. Click into the listing for more information, maps, contact details and opening hours.

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Blue Diamond Security Solutions Ltd

The Knoll Business Center


Offers: Television and Film Location Security Services, TV Studio Security and audience handling solutions, Talent Protection Officers, Cars and Chauffeurs, High Value Asset Protection and Tracking, Event Security personnel, Search Equipment Hire

Areas: We cover the whole of the UK and Europe and have worked on projects throughout the Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as throughout mainland Europe. We have partner security companies in the Netherlands that we work closely with throughout the ye

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