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There is a need for security guards in many different locations. The purpose is to keep the premises safe and if there are people living at the location to keep them safe from harm. Most large retail locations, especially department shops and shopping centres, have security personnel onsite. They are easily identifiable by their uniform, although there are some locations that have security guards that are not in uniform so that they can blend in with the shoppers and not be noticed.

Commercial properties have security guards on duty round the clock. They monitor the activities of the people coming and going throughout the day and patrol the premises inside and out through the night. This is especially true of industrial and construction sites where there are a lot of supplies and equipment out in the open and are easily accessible to thieves.

Apartment buildings that do not have security keypads to open the doors have a doorman or a door steward who knows all those who live in the building. This person lets them in an out making sure that no one enters the building without permission.

Then there are times when security is needed at various events, such as large outdoor gatherings and concerts. This event security makes sure that those in attendance keep the peace and do not cause any disturbances. You should say that their role is similar to that of a club bouncer because they evict the people who cause disturbances and dont obey the rules. Pub security provides the same services for pubs where there are a lot of people drinking and can get out of hand.

We are now asking the security firms to specify what services they provide and what services they specialise in. So below are security firms that offer Security Guards for example shop security guards, event security guards, club bouncers, pub bouncer, nightclub stewards, retail and commercial security guards. If you click into the listings below you will find out more information about each listing as well as contact information.

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Areas: We cover the whole of the UK and Europe and have worked on projects throughout the Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as throughout mainland Europe. We have partner security companies in the Netherlands that we work closely with throughout the ye

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